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thanks for your patience! 

ImSewCrafty Presents : The Coolest Mushroom Hat


The Brand

ImSewCrafty is an awesome Etsy store that sells hand made crotched hats and other paraphernalia based popular gaming characters and animals.
The stores bio reads “Welcome to my shop! All of my crochet items are made and designed by me without the use of patterns. I love to experiment with new ideas so check back often to see what I have next!
”. Charlie over at ImSewCrafty is possibly one of the most talented creators we have ever come across. Guarenteed, you will not be disappointed.

The Product

I received my Mushroom hat in the post extremely fast, straight after conversing with Charlie and organising details. The Hat itself came in the most amazing packaging. The hat arrived hand wrapped and presented perfectly. Like i mentioned, the most amazing packaging ever.

The Hat is crocheted of the highest quality material and is so so soft, ( similar to the soot sprite in softness!). The hat itself has absolutely no flaws, it is absolutely perfect. Keeping in mind that the hat was created without the use of patterns makes this feat even more impressive.  I honestly cant say anythingnegative about this product. It is literally perfect.

The Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the hat is absolutely perfect.  When i wore the hat to a friends house, everyone wanted to know exactly where i purchased it, how much for and if there were anymore! The hat literally sells itself.

As i looked through the ImSewCrafty store i found the coolest items, more hats and many more hats but not only in adult sizes, but also in youth and baby sizes. Literally, hats for EVERYONE. It is also important to note here that there is a sister store selling jewellery and also another store ( see below for details!) Literally there is something for every person and i can vouch for the quality of the products. Whatever you buy will always be of the highest quality.

The Verdict


Literally there is nothing else i can say. This hat is Awesome. It is soft, stylish and an attention grabbing accessory. It is made of the highest quality craftsmanship and is .. AWESOME.


Wishlist Approved.


Get your hands on your own hat at : http://www.etsy.com/shop/ImSewCrafty

Check out their other stores: ChicAndGeek.etsy.com and http://www.etsy.com/shop/CharlieCarter

The HUGEST thanks to Charlie over at ImSewCrafty for hooking us up with this hat for review. On top of being super cool with providing us with the hat, they have been amazing with waiting for this review to be posted. We have had technical difficulties that have meant the review has been delayed and they have been absolutely understanding. So thanks so so much.  Means the world. 

Sorry for the delays guys, we are trying to work out some technical issues.

unfortunatly there is something wrong with the ‘posting’ feature on the site. 

tech support are currently trying to work out why we can’t post. 

this should hopefully be fixed in the next few days. 

thanks so much for your patience!

expect a special ‘mushroom hat’ review to be posted ASAP! 

GeekChicurumi Presents : My very own Soot Sprite!


The Brand

GeekChicurumi is an awesome Etsy store that sells hand made toys based on popular culture. The stores bio reads as follows “Geek Headquarters! These Geek Chicurumi crocheted toys come from all your favorite anime and manga, video games, movies, cartoons, and more!!! Keep checking back as I’m crafting away the hours to bring you more of these beloved characters :)”. This could be no closer to the truth. Julianne over at GeekChicurumi makes the most fantastic toys from some of my favourite shows, she also made it possible for me to get my hands on my very own Soot Sprite from Spirited Away.

The Product

I received my Soot Sprite in the mail very fast after making contact and arrangements with Julianne and i was not disappointed.  The soot sprite is hand crocheted of high quality material and is so soft to the touch. Again, this toy not only looks good on display and is fun to play with but for a child with Aspergers or Autism the Soot Sprite also is a wonderful toy that helps them develop the sense of touch. Everything is constructed to maintain high quality and durability, nothing is falling of this little guy! ( I decided to name my soot sprite Pete.)

The Aesthetics

Aesthetically Pete is perfect. Upon introducing him to members of my family and some friends they immediately knew what he was. For a hand made toy, this is quite a feat!

Upon looking through the GeekChicurumi store, i found the most fantastic items and all are just as perfectly created and constructed as Pete is. This gives me the assurance that no matter what you purchase from GeekChicurumi, quality will always be of the highest standing.  There is literally a toy for everyone, no matter what geeky game, show or movie you are into Julianne has created something from it !

The Verdict

This Soot Sprite is AMAZING. The execution of its design and construction is flawless and fill same with the confidence that all the toys found in the GeekChucurumi store would meet the same high standards. I can not recommend picking something up from the store any stronger then i am now. DO IT.

Wishlist Approved.


Get your hands on your own Soot Sprite at : http://www.etsy.com/shop/GeekChicurumi#

A HUGE thanks to Julianne over at GC for hooking us up with Pete. He now sits proudly on the shelf, observing us at work.  

Pikaia Presents: The Cutest Ecological French Book Covers

The Brand

Pikaia’s store reads as follows “ I created my own brand of ecological clothes (recycled fabrics and organic cotton). I make accessories, furniture’s and objects too. Always in a recycled way. I sew products, in workshop, in France. Each products is unique” We could not agree more, the book cover we road tested was soft, stylish and most importantly high quality.

The Product

We received Pikaia’s book cover a few weeks ago and immediately we were so impressed. The material was soft yet durable and also functional!  I slipped an A6 sketch book into the cover and some lead pencils into the compartments on the side, everything fit snug and was well padded and protected.

The Aesthetics.

There are so many different designs to choose from, all with their own creative designs and personal flair. Thre really are designs to suit all different people for all different purposes.

In the time i was rocking the notebook cover i got many comments from people wanting to know where they could get their own cover from!


The Verdict.

These covers are really cute, they are a practical solution for carrying around a sketchbook and pencils as well as  pretty presentation!


Wishlist Approved.


Grab your own ecological bookcover : http://www.etsy.com/shop/Pikaia



Woolykins presents – The most adorable Vampire Bunny EVER.

So as part of our reviews we want to provide all you guys with exciting  products from small business or home made stores. This review is from an amazing Etsy Store, filled with amazing hand crafted products!

Jennifer from Woolykins was kind enough to send us a Vampire Bunny!

The Packaging.

Ok so first of, if any of you are packaging nerds like myself, pretty sure you would be as excited as i was when i received my vampire bunny in the mail, out of the cardboard mailing box was a chinese container, you know the cardboard boxes? Yeah! One of those.

When i opened up the box i found tissue paper and there he was my vampire bunny ‘Frank’.

This was the best way to have received him, without a doubt.

The Product construction

Frank is constructed out of wool, he is hand crafted and one of a kind. This automatically gains cool points with me as these make for awesome individual presents for friends!

He is a little bunny, measuring about three and a half inches from bum to ear.

As i previously mentioned, he is constructed out of wool, however not just any old wool, the wool comes from either local ‘happy sheep’ or from cruelty free farms across America. This too is extremely important because Woolykins is a brand with a social conscious. Meaning, you can buy with confidence that no animal or resource was harmed or exploited in order to construct the product.

Frank is not intended as a toy for children, he is a delicate bunny who seems to enjoy being placed out on display, he is currently sitting on my shelf away from prying dirty hands!


Other Products

Woolykins does not only make and sell character buns like Frank the Vampire Bunny, there are several different types of bunnies available such as Frankenstein, Zombies, Batbun and many more. There are also magnets, note-cards and many other products to choose from!

Personal discovery

Now this isn’t necessarily applicable or interesting to all you readers however i found this a very interesting use of frank in my home. As Frank is made of nice and soft wool, he is a pleasure to touch. I have a family member with Asperger’s and he is very aware of his senses. I let him see frank and hold him, and he loved the feeling of the little bits of hair from the wool sticking out and the overall tactile feel of frank. This prompted me to investigate a little into sensory objects and i have found that objects just like Frank and the rest of the Woolykins products are perfect for older children with sensory needs.  As a ten year old, my cousin could appreciate that Frank wasn’t to be played with, rather could be delicately touched and to be honest, this worked wonders! The chores he was willing to do in order to have some time holding Frank!

The Verdict

Woolykins is a great company with a social conscious. Here at UniStudentWishList companies that care about the earth we live on get much more appreciation then those that don’t. Every single aspect of dealing with Woolykins, from initial communication, through selection and postage was an absolute pleasure. You can tell that at Woolykins, the customer comes first and the products are top rate.

We would recommend any Woolykins product to anyone who wants to spice up a room or give an individual , one of a kind gift to a special someone.

Wishlist Approved.

Where can you get your hands on a ‘Frank’ of your own?

Woolykins Etsy Store : http://www.etsy.com/shop/Woolykins

Frank the Vampire Bun: http://www.etsy.com/listing/60994320/vampire-bun

A HUGE thankyou to Jennifer over at Woolykins for so kindly providing us with a product for review, it is important that you all realise, Woolykins is not a huge company that churn out product after product, it is a small scale operation and thus, this makes their contribution to our site much appreciated. We all wish you the best with your products!

PDair presents – high quality cases at extremely low prices!

PDair were kind enough to provide us with two cases to test out for review! They sent us a red silicone iPhone4 case and a Black Silicone Blackberry Bold 9700 case. Needless to say, over the month of use, we are extremely impressed.

The Packaging

The packaging for both cases were very professional, they came in sturdy cardboard and plastic cases that allowed the product to be viewed with ease. The packaging was very straight forward and made for easy case removal without damaging the actual packaging. This allows for the case to be returned to the packaging when not in use.


The Construction

Both cases are made from high quality, flexible silicone. The finish on the silicone is very different than that of the Ringke Cases we reviewed last year, these have a much more ‘marshmallow’ feel to them. They have a textured pattern on the back which also allows for extra grip when the phone is in use; this is always a very positive and well liked feature of any case.

Being a silicone case, the case provides great drop protection. Silicone is known for its shock absorbing qualities and this case is no different.

The port cut outs all match up well on both cases, the iPhone’s vibrate switch is easily accessible, the power button cover is responsive as is the volume rocker. The Blackberry case also has extremely accurate cut outs, the camera cut out is perfect just as is on the iPhone.


The Extras

These cases come with an accessory that we have been yet to receive with any other company. This is, a screen cleaner. The screen cleaner can attach directly to the case, meaning that the cleaner is always available and thus your screen is always clean.

The iPhone case also came with a detachable and flexible little viewing stand for the phone!

 It is little things like this that help set companies apart from others, and any extra is of course a welcome addition!


The Verdict.

Both the iPhone4 case and the Blackberry case were well received by many members of the team. Multiple people tried the case and everyone seemed to come back with very positive comments. Both are high quality silicone cases at bargain prices.

Wish List Approved.


Where can I get one?

Please feel free to check out the websites and facebook page below to learn more about PDair and also the products that they have to offer.

The products we reviewed:  Blackberry Bold 9700 Silicone Case and iPhone 4 Silicone Case

Website: www.pdair.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PDair

A huge thanks to PDair for sending out these two cases for review, please check them out guys, they are lovely people with great products !

Welcome Back!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year break!

We are all getting back into the swing of things here at UniStudentWishList and expect some reviews in the near future. We have Iphone4 Case reviews, Blackberry case reviews, Homemade crafts and more on the way! 

So get excited, UniStudentWishList is coming back! 

Rearth USA Present : The Ringke number one silicone case on the market.


This case is amazing. So far the most impressive silicone case we have tested, on any device. EVER.

The Box

The case is featured inside some slimline and minimalistic casing, this is beneficial as it lets you see the beauty of the cases construction, and depending on what colour you purchase, it also lets the colour of the case stand out alone.

Not a single person on the team had anything negative to say about the packaging of the case, which is no mean feat. Usually someone has an issue with design, materials or typography, but not this time.


The construction

The case itself is made from a very high quality silicone. Unlike cheaper silicone cases on the market, the material is treated with a soft touch coating that not only stops it from moving around on the device, but also we have found it reduces any residue on the case also. When holding the phone inside the case for extended periods of time, there is no residue left on the case. When pulling the phone in and out of a pocket (with ease, I might add) there is no residue of lint or dust either. This is a definite plus when looking at any silicone case.

The Fit

The fit of this case is so impressive. The edges of the case itself are contoured to match the actual design of the iPhone 4. This results in the feeling of a naked phone, rather than a hefty silicone skin. The case itself is very tight, this is important to most iPhone users as the last thing we want is for dust and debris to accumulate between the case and the actual device, especially if it will cause scratches.

The case itself features an apple cut out on the back, as to show off the nice shiny mirrored iPhone logo on the phone. We were a bit worried about the logo getting scratched up, however this was quickly remedied by cutting up a spare screen shield guard.

All the ports, buttons and camera/flash lines up perfectly, there was no issue with the flash on the camera either, as commonly found with some cases.


The case also came with some port protectors, which was a welcome addition to the case, as when the 30 pin connector port and the headphone jack are not in use and are exposed they can easily collect dirt and dust.


The Verdict

This case is amazing. By far the best fitting/ feeling iPhone 4 silicone case that we have tested. We al would strongly recommend this to every iPhone 4 user.

Wishlist Approved.

To get your hands on your own Ringke case, visit the Rearth USA site at : http://rearthusa.com/products-page/ringke-gadget-cover/iphone-4/

(A big thank you to Rearth USA for providing this case to us for review, completely free of charge. We wish you very well in your endeavours! )

Cissie Pixie .. By Polly presents: the most awesome harry potter necklace in the entire world.

Cissie Pixie by Polly ( ccpolly) marks the first Etsy Store review for our site, and what an amazing choice it has been!

The Packaging

The necklace arrived very fast and in a sweet, official looking display bag. Immediately I was impressed with the detail to attention in the packaging alone.

The Product.

The necklace itself is a perfect rendition of the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter. It is constructed from high quality wire which has been smoothly woven into the symbol. There are absolutely no flaws in the construction of the necklace, the structure is sturdy and strong and the there is no flash (scratchy bits) on the necklace or the pendant itself.

I have been wearing the necklace for the past two weeks and as someone with sensitive skin, there has been no irritation what so ever. A few times I have forgotten to take it off before bed or when swimming or showering and there has been no tarnishing of the necklace either.

From the first day I wore it, to today I have received so many compliments regarding the necklace and many questions on where I got it. A definite attention seeker!


The Verdict.

I could not recommend ccpolly or this necklace enough. The communication with the store was prompt to say the least. I put complete faith in the idea that any of you could contact ccpolly with any questions or queries and receive polite, prompt and informative responses. On top of this, the price of the necklace is so reasonable that you won’t want to buy just one!

Everyone should own one of these necklaces!

 wishlist approved.

To obtain your own awesome necklace, or check out the other cool products that ccpolly has to offer, please check out the store at : http://www.etsy.com/shop/ccppolly

( a huge thankyou to Polly for discounting the necklace and making it easier for me to review! We wish you nothing but success! )

Last Fuse Graphics present : the coolest mac decals around!


Over the past week we have had the pleasure of testing out two of the Last Fuse Graphics decals on our macbooks. The two units we received for reviewing was the Pacman Decal and the Crossbones Decal. Both were a huge hit with those that used them.


The quality of these decals is second to none.  They are made from high quality vinyl, and the instillation process was simple, all we had to do was position it to where we want it, peel and stick. The decals have been on the computers for over a week now, and look exactly the same as the day we put them on. They seem to be scratch resistant, and even after picking at them, they remain flat and smooth on the surface of the device.  They are very thin also, so they don’t create a second raised surface on the front of the device either.


The Designs available through Last Fuse Graphics are fantastic. There are a range of designs for a range of apple products. These designs range from the two we received for review along to tron, pi jokes and headphones. Basically, what we are saying is that there is a design that would suit everyone!


The Verdict

These Last Fuse Graphics are FANTASTIC. They are a cheap and fun way to change up the look of your mac, to make your mac stand out in the sea of other macs at work or school. They are made of high quality vinyl and they seem to be standing the test of time. We recommend you all go out and try one for yourself.

Wish List Approved.

To get your hands on your own decal please visit Last Fuse Graphics at:


or check them out on fb or twitter at :



( a big thanks to Last Fuse Graphics for providing us with these products for review! A great company that deserves a whole lot of business!)

AE TECH Present the Acase Superleggra fit case.


This week we had the pleasure of trying out the Acase Superleggra Fit case in both Silver Milkyway and Gold Sand, needless to say we were pretty impressed. We were impressed with the case itself, aswell as the generous goodies that come with it!

The Specs.

·         Ultra slim. Only 0.7mm. Fit Apple iPhone 4 perfectly

·         Quick and easy access to all iPhone features - Available in 12 colors

·         Durable PC (polycarbonate) protects iPhone 4 from scratches, grease and dust

·         Aniti-slip, anti-scratches and anti-fingerprints.

·         For a limited time receive a FREE SCREEN Protector


The Box

For such a reasonably priced item, we were all surprised with the quality of the products packaging. Each case comes in a cardboard display box with a modern paint flick kind of design on the outside, with the case clearly visible through the front window of the box, everything is clearly laid out for you too see and know exactly what you are purchasing. This was very good to see!

The Style

The cases themselves are really stylish. As previously mentioned they are only .7mm  thick. This basically means that the iphone feels like it is still naked in your hand, the buttons are all accessible through the generous cut outs and the screen is not compromised, meaning that any screen shield can be used. As the case is a snap on back, it is designed predominantly for scratch and scuff protection NOT drop protection. The case is coated in a soft touch coating, that makes for a really nice and comfortable in the hand feel, so far the case has also resisted scratching and scuffing. All very positive attributes for such a reasonably priced case!

The only slightly negative comment i have about the case, was that because it is so tight fitting and slim, i felt slightly worried when installing and taking of the case, i felt worried that i was going to snap off my vibrate switch or something. However, once the case was on, i forgot all about this. I would consider this case to be one that you would not want to take on and off on a regular basis.

The Verdict

We all really love the Acase  Superleggra case. It combines fashion and functionality perfectly. There are so many different colours to choose from, so there is bound to be one to suit anyone and everyone’s personality. On top of this, for the extremely low price, along with the case you also get two screen shields, a micro fibre and a squeegee. We have brought cases for double and triple the cost of this case and received nothing. This is defiantly a case worth trying out!

Wishlist Approved


Check out the Acase Superleggra Fit Case at http://www.acase4iphone4.com/

Or try out any of AE Techs other products, which can be found at :




( Once again, a huge thanks to Bob over at AETECH for hooking us up with these cases, it is much appreciated and we all wish you and your company the most success! Thanks)

BottleMate Bottle Openers present the most AMAZING bottle opener of ALL TIME.


One word could be used to describe this product: AMAZING.

For real though, over the few weeks i have had this bottle opener I have received nothing but wuestions about where I got it, how much it is, how I found out about it and where someone can get their hands on one too! My own mother is placing an order for Christmas presents for people!

These bottle openers are fantastic, no matter how many cold ones you have had, the next one will always be accessible and ready to drink as long as you have the bottle mate around. ( trust us, we have done extensive research into this, so you don’t have to of course).

I cannot recommend it highly enough or urge everyone to buy at least one enough. They literally are time savers. All you have to do is grab the unit, place it over the cap and neck of the bottle and press down until you hear a click/ the sound of the lid coming off. You pull up and the lid comes with it, hanging onto the small magnet piece to allow for quick and efficient cleaning.  There is nothing worse than waking up after a big night and finding bottle caps all over the floor, with the BottleMate, this doesn’t happen at all.

Apart from being the drinker’s best friend, we also could see the benefits of the BottleMate for those who have limited motor skills through disability or old age. The unit itself does not require any assembly or technique, it really is as simple as press it on, pull it off and ta-dah, the bottle is opened.

The website itself also mentions that the BottleMate has been tried on bottles from all over the world, and it is through this product that the BottleMate has been created to be such an adaptable and high quality product. You honestly will not find anything better!


The Verdict?


Honestly, you will have people begging you to give them one to take home, or as a birthday or Christmas present! I have literally not come across anyone who hasn’t absolutely loved what they have found with the BottleMate! They make the entire process so much easier for people from many different walks of life. You honestly can not understand how fantastic they are until you pick one up for yourself, so go order one at the link below!

Wishlist Approved.

Check them out at http://www.bottlemate.com.au/ seriously. DO IT.

( A HUGE HUGE HUGE shoutout to BottleMate for sending us some BottleMate’s to try out for ourselves. They are a great Australian Company who deserves great things, so all you readers go out there, order and help them achieve it!) 

Gamer Grub presents The Most Delicious Snack on this Planet.


So we have been lucky enough this week to sample two of the great Gamer Grub products, namely the Smores and Pizza flavour. Not one single person was dissatisfied with the taste. In fact, there may or may not have been fights over who wasn’t sharing properly. The Grub itself was the brain child of Keith Mullin. During Email correspondence he summed up the overall goal and process of Gamer Grubs creation as follows ;

 started Gamer Grub in my garage. I like to multi-task and had problems snacking while gaming or working on the computer. I designed the Gamer Grub package so you do not get greasy fingers or crumbs on the keyboard. You just ” Tear N Tilt ” to operate, so you do not touch the snack. :)

Gamer Grub tastes great, vitamins and neurotransmitters were added since I do not like to lose.”


This serves as a perfect prequel to the discussion and evaluation of these delicious snacks to follow.


The Packaging

The Gamer Grub is packaged inside air tight foil bags with an airtight seel. This means that even if it takes you days to consume your Grub, it will be just as fresh on the fifth day as it was the day you opened it. The packages also clearly identify the contents too, so even if your mid way through a game induced hunger frenzy, you wont accidently pick up the wrong flavour! Overall, the packaging is modern, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly functional, with the Tear N Tilt technology!



Firstly the Pizza flavoured Grub. AMAZING. We all tried eating it both as a whole and as separate pieces, both ways we loved it. Obviously when working on the computer or using  a game system it is much easier to just pour the contents of the pack into your mouth at once, and we all can honestly say, that when doing exactly this the Pizza flavour tasted JUST like pizza.

Secondly, the Smores. In Australia, we don’t really have the whole smores thing going on, but they are forever mentioned in American popular culture. Most of us in the office were extremely excited to receive this particular sample, and it did not disappoint! The smores were amazing, just like the pizza eaten either separately or together, they were so enjoyable.  Ten out of ten for both flavours.

As an extra bonus, considering the flavour and fulfilment of these snacks, the nutritional value is quite modest. Along with the elements of regular nutrients are the neurotransmitters which apparently help the brain function at a higher rate, thus increasing game performance! The ingredients seem to be of a high quality, and thus, we believe is a contributor to the adequate nutritional value of the snacks!


As mentioned above the packaging is in air tight, freshness sealing, aesthetically pleasing goodness. The design of the pack also allows for easy pouring of the contents into either a hand, or directly into the mouth ( trust us, some of the more hardcore members of the team can vouch for this). The products themselves leave next to no oils on the hands and any oils that are left are removed completely with a light wipe of the hand onto your pants or shirt, never leaving a stain either. So win/win!


At this current time, Gamer Grub is available in four flavours, Pizza, Smores, PB&J and BBQ. This allows for many different people, of many different tastes to enjoy the products.


The Verdict

WE LOVE GAMER GRUB. We would eat it by the truck load if we could. We could not recommend it strongly enough, people of all ages tried a small sample of the food and not one person had anything negative to say about it.

Wish List Approved


Check out Gamer Grub at http://www.gamergrub.com/ !!!


( A huge thanks to Gamer Grub for providing this particular product for review. It was absolutely delicious and we are all so thankful! You are so kind for providing the product for review, and thus we are extremely thankful!)

MEElectronics present the M9 In-ear Earphones.


The Specs

  • Driver: 9mm drivers with neodymium magnets
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB (1mW @ 1KHz)
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Connector: 3.5mm gold plated, 45 degree connector
  • Cable: Designer 1.4m cord (4.6 ft) with attached shirt clip
  • Accessories: 4 sets of eartips (small/medium/large/double-flange), 1 carrying pouch, 1 wire organizer
  • Compatible Accessories: Comply T-400 eartips (link when available)
  • Dimension: 1.0 in. H x 0.5 in. W x 0.5 in. L
  • Ship Weight: 0.5 lb

The Box
Considering the price of these babies, the packaging is awesome. We have tested out other earphones in a similar price range and needless to say they have come in ugly packaging, or cheap packaging, but we found that the M9’s arrive in a sturdy package that allows for re-use. A definite plus for those of us who like to keep the product packaging too!  


The Look

The ear pieces themselves look very sleek. They feature a slimline, sleek design which force the earbuds to appear much more expensive then they really are. We compared the looks of these M9’s to those of the PUR-1000’s from PureSound and the aesthetics vote was higher for these earphones in comparison. Even with the ear bud connected to the unit itself, the buds are still low profile and look very sophisticated in and out of ear.


These earphones are extremely comfortable, this is due in a large to the inclusion of so many different ear bud options, that everyone can find one that suits their ear! Personally, i found comfort in the standard black smalls, but another member of the team found herself rocking out with the bass enhancing grey ear pieces. If for some reason you don’t find an ear bud that fits nicely in your ear ( who ever you are… you must have the worlds craziest ears…) the M9’s even fit ear tips from OTHER brands. So either way, you are completely set!


Now to the part of the review you all want to know about, the sound’s you hear from these little machines!  It is important to analyse these in terms of their highs, mids, and lows.

Firstly, the highs were right on par, the only complaints any members of the team had, were when they were not using the correct ear bud. We can not stress enough the advantages of utilising the correct, form fitting ear bud. Because the bud expanded in our ears and created an isolation effect, the highs rang with crisp tones and were most impressive.  

The mids were just as i had hoped, pretty much perfect. Providing we were using reasonable volume levels when listening to bass heavy songs, the highs mid’s and lows didn’t mush together and get muddied down, rather they stayed audible and separate from their counterparts.  

The lows were impressive providing once again, the right volume levels were utilised. I found when listening to bass heavy songs like Missy Eliot or Lil Wayne occasionally the bass would muddy up, but as soon as i turned the volume down one it would rectify itself. In saying this however, my ears were not the right shape to accommodate the bass enhancing tips, but for those in the team who’s ears did accommodate those tips, they had nothing but positive things to say.  


Guys, i would even buy these headphones JUST for the extras, they give you more tips then you could poke a stick at, a carrying case made of the softest and durable material, an aeroplane adaptor and a cable management system. Some of the earphones from double the price range have not offered this. MEElectronics clearly care about their customers and this shows through their products and their extras!


Overall, I have to say that i love these earphones. For the price range that they are in, they are outstanding. From the aesthetics to the sound quality, we believe that there is not a single person out there who will not gain some excitement or enjoyment from these earphones.

Wish list Approved.

Where to purchase?
These headphones are available from the MEElectronics website at http://www.meelec.com/M9_Series_earphones_s/244.htm . We all strongly recommend that you check them out.

(A BIG thank you to MEElectronics for providing this pair of earphones for review. Once again, it isnt common practice for large companies to be willing to provide products to start up blogs but the team over at MEElectronics , in particular Joe was an absolute pleasure to talk with. I would recommend the products purely based on the company themselves, however, the headphones speak for themselves! )